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Mahr Group has been providing dimensional measurement solutions to fit customer application needs for over 150 years. The company manufactures and markets a wide variety of dimensional metrology equipment, from simple and easy-to-use handheld gages to technically advanced measurement systems for form, contour, surface finish and length. Mahr is also well known as a producer of custom-designed gages and a provider of calibration and contract measurement services.

About us

With more than a decade of experience in metrology we can consult our customers for their measuring tasks and offer them the most suitable measuring instruments.
Azma Sanat Grad Co.(ASG) has been established under supervision of Mr. Masoud Barzi and will act as the exclusive representative of several famous companies to provide sales and after sales services to you in our best.

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West Ghandi St. North Sohrevardi Ave.
Tehran - Iran
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